"To him who concerns himself with Alchemy. May Nature, Reason, Experience, and Reading be guide, staff, spectacles, and lantern." - Michael Maier

In my spiritual practice I find myself traveling through various spiritual traditions. The basis of all these practices is initiatory Hermetism. As a result of this I consider myself an "Itinerate Hermit." I hope to share my ideas and experiences in these traditions here and perhaps be of service to the greater community.




1. (especially of a church minister or a judge) travel from place to place to perform one's professional duty.

​I offer various services to those in need. Please have a look around if you are so inclined. My personal thoughts and writings on various spiritual subjects can be found below.

A good reading is generally not about knowing your future or telling your fortune. A good card reading is really[...]
Candle Services
I offer various candle lighting services to meet your particular needs.

​Here you will find an ever growing collection of my somewhat rambling thoughts on Hermetics, Roots and Ceremonial Magical practices.

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One of the most well known oil in all of rootwork has to be Crown of Success. This post is[...]
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Steady Work Oil Incense and Powder Recipe
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Money Drawing
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Fast Luck & Double Fast Luck
Probably the most ubiquitous formula coming out of New Orleans is Van Van. Right behind it though is a bottle[...]
Pay Me Oil Recipe
I think I’ll be keeping the intro on this formula somewhat shortly enter than normal, seeing as I believe most[...]

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